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Patrick Jordan - President 

Contact:  hoedspruitchamber@gmail.com

Tel: 072 698 0515

After finishing his studies in 2002, Patrick came back to Hoedspruit after spending a lot of time here in his earlier childhood. He started an apprenticeship in his father's business allowing his appreciation of the town and businesses to grow. As the president of the Hoedspruit Chamber of Commerce Patrick's hope is to forge a lasting body that will stand beside Hoedspruit businesses and community helping them grow. Patrick operates within the Jordan Properties organisation in Hoedspruit.  As President of the Chamber, Patrick interacts with all of the Chamber's portfolios and Office Bearing roles.  

Passions enjoyed by Patrick are:  Family, music, singing (especially Karaoke), and anything Hoedspruit.

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Ian Smith - Vice Chair and Treasurer 

Contact:  treasury.hoedspruitchamber@gmail.com

Tel: 076 020 4669

Ian is a Chartered Accountant, with almost 30 years’ experience in his field. Having started his career as a professional auditor and worked for one of the Big Four Audit firms, he moved his attention from auditing to commerce in 1994. Ian has worked in Africa (South Africa and Nigeria), United Kingdom (England and Scotland), and in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia), in manufacturing, asset management, B2B services, power generation, construction, business development. Ian currently holds senior executive responsibilities for a global marine company, in the marine and energy sector.  He maintains an active interest in the South African business & tourism sector with his co-ownership of Nyumbani Estate Eco-Safari Lodge, based near Hoedspruit, in the Kruger2Canyon Biosphere Region.

Ian has a keen interest in piloting (light aircraft), African wildlife, classic cars, music and motor bikes.

Ian is South African born and resides in Scotland and South Africa with his British born wife, Maxine.

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Thias Taute: Community Sub-committee



Thias has been in education and people development for most of his life. He grew up in Gauteng and Mpumalanga. He loves the Lowveld and lived for most of the last 25 years in Tzaneen, Nelspruit and now Hoedspruit. He was part of the team who started the Hoedspruit Hub in 2017. Hoedspruit Hub is a social enterprise that does training and development in various sectors, including agriculture, the surrounding communities, schools and local business.


Thias is married to Carien. He enjoys nature, mountain biking and various other outdoor adventure activities.

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Marie-Tinka Uys Head of Municipality Sub-Committee

Contact:  muni.hoedspruitchamber@gmail.com

Tel:  082 551 7261

Marie-Tinka was born and bred in Musina, where she completed her Matric. She obtained her BA (Hons) from Rhodes University and her Master’s Degree from the University of Witwatersrand.

After marrying Dr Wynand Uys, the couple moved permanently to the Hoedspruit Area in 1987.

Over the years, she played a role in the conservation and sustainable development interface in the landscape, where she championed the declaration of the Kruger to Canyons UNESCO Biosphere Region in 2001. This Biosphere Region was rated in 2017 as the 11thbest performing Biosphere in the world.

Her work experience includes the coordination of the Rural Foundation’s Community Development Programme, a Short Course Coordinator at the Southern African Wildlife College, the Coordinator for the Tourism and Conservation Training Authority’s Skills Development Programme in the Region and a stint as a lodge manager (Ottersden River Lodge).

In 2012 she was appointed as the Executive Coordinator of the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere, a position that she currently holds. Highlights are the implementation of the K2C Environmental Monitor and the GEF5 Programmes.

To view Marie-Tinka's introductory video, click here

Maxine Smith - Head of 

Communications Sub-Committee



Tel:  078 789 4095

Born and raised in Wiltshire, United Kingdom, my career spans over 30 years, initially specialising in Insurance and Finance. Over the years, I have progressed and held a range of senior board level Executive Management across all sectors (Public, Private, and Third Sector). With an expanded skills base in Media (newspaper publishing, Public Health Research, and community focused multidiscipline interventions (local community, local council and third sector).The introduction to South Africa was a Voluntary Services Oversees (VSO) engagement in 2003 which culminated in a posting in the HIV/AIDS programme being one of the one of the most significant challenges in health within the developing world.   I have a passion and a proven record in community and business focused portfolio having held various roles on local council, executive board appointments, charitable Trusts and community based non-profit organisations. I have lived and worked within the African continent, Middle East and Europe.  I am the co-founder of Nyumbani Estate luxury eco safari camp in Hoedspruit. I am also a presenter on Hoedspruit 96.4FM local community radio.

To view Maxine's introductory video, click here

Daniel Shai - Community Sub-Committee

Contact:  community.hoedspruitchamber@gmail.com

Tel:  072 728 4942

My family originated from Mohologolo from 1846. They have moved to Mametja Village (Mabins A) wards 05 where I was born and where I grew up. I attended both primary and secondary school in that area. I furthered my studies at University of Limpopo, and I'm currently working at Eskoms Supply chain. I joined the HCC in 2014, and I was appointed as Community Liaison in May 2016. I was very excited to join the wonderful

team at HCC. I love Hoedspruit, it is my home town.

To view Daniel's introductory video, click here

Cindy Koen - Head of Events & Fundraising.

Head of the Green (Conservation) Portfolio

Contact: events.hoedspruitchamber@gmail.com

Tel:  071 429 7569

To view Cindy's introductory video, click here

Alanka Craffert - Head of Tourism Portfolio 


Tel:  084 207 2885

Alanka Craffert is currently operating as the General Manager of the Greater Kruger Hotel School & Training Centre, situated on the R40 – Hoedspruit / Klaserie. In the Blue Canyon Private Game Reserve. 

Alanka firmly believes, that when we know better, we can do better. 
Hence her drive is in igniting a passion for lifelong learning & collaboration with people who share their knowledge through their life’s stories, which leads to “doing better”. 
Hospitality & tourism is a great vehicle for learning, collaborating and reaching out. 

No brainer why she avails herself for the tourism portfolio on HCC.

David Edwards - Head of Membership Portfolio 


Tel:  073 357 5401

David chose Hoedspruit as the place to be in 2012. After a couple years vacationing here, he decided to take an early retirement from his management position in a U.S. Fortune 500 company and make the move to Hoedspruit full-time in late 2015. 

After a few years of retirement, David is looking to get back into the flow. He has joined the Hoedspruit Chamber of Commerce with the goal to help encourage economic and sensible, sustainable growth in the agricultural, tourism conservation and business sectors. 

David’s primary interest is working with entrepreneurs, medium, large and enterprise companies to help improve performance, increase market share, implement workflow process optimization, and enhance the customer experience.

David brings skills in the areas of:

Team Building 

Diversity and Inclusion

Service Delivery Workflows

Sales Support Optimization 

Organizational Development

Reducing Workflow Downtime

Expediting Fulfillment Process

Increasing Speed to Customer

Improved Customer Experience

Managing Through Organizational Change

Goal Focused Employee Performance Reviews

Interested in Working With Us?

There are various ways you can get involved with the Chamber. Firstly, you will need to become a member is a pre-requisite point of entry to the HCC, after this, you are most welcome to participate in this journey with us:

  • Anyone who is passionate enough and wants to do something for the business or the community of Hoedspruit and surrounds could choose from one of the following Portfolios we have identified: 

    • Municipality

    • Agriculture

    • Tourism

    • Membership

    • Communications

    • Events

    • Community

    • Governance

  • Ask to be considered for co-option to a specific project, event, or purpose.

  • Pro-bono services for the HCC Committee and/or its HCC members.  Occasionally, we have requests from some of our local professionals and experts who wish to offer their services and time, without charge.

  • Business Mentor if you have a specific expertise, skills, services, etc, you can make a submission to be considered for a range of mentoring services to pending new business start-up, businesses in need of some guidance and nurturing, general skills development etc.


To download a Business membership application form, please click here or email:  membership.hoedspruitchamber@gmail.com

To download an Individual Private Resident membership application form, please click here or email:  membership.hoedspruitchamber@gmail.com

If you wish to discuss this further, or receive other information regarding HCC, please email us at: hoedspruitchamber@gmail.com