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The Chamber deliver a range of public events for businesses and residents in the area. We always need a range of prizes we can raffle to our participants. Can you please help? Click here

If you have anything you need information on regarding the Municipality, you can email from here your question(s), we will respond 48hrs. Click here

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Lots of benefits to members, check out the membership section for information.

Whether a business or a resident, if you just moved into the area, please let us know.  Contact us by clicking here

The latest Government Tender Bulletin click here

This section is for our local NGO's, NPO, Social Enterprises, etc.  Any small community focused organisation to send in their updates.  Contact us by clicking here

This section is created to provide our members and our public with up-to-date and relevant information feeds.  We can also receive information from you via this page. Anything from important announcements, emergency notifications for the community, or business and events updates.  Please press the contact us button at the bottom of this page and complete the submission so we can review and respond.

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